About us

We are a group of ukulele enthusiasts who gather to sing and play together on Mondays from 8pm at the Fingerpost Hotel.
As we meet in pubs we welcome anyone over 18 - all you need is a ukulele and a copy of the SUP songbook which is available to download from this website or you can buy one on the night. A subscription of 50 pence will be collected on the evening.
We are predominantly a wooden ukulele club, although we welcome banjo-ukes as long as they are sensitively played. Sorry but we cannot accommodate other instruments.   
Please note that this is a club night, not a performance. The room is very full so unfortunately we do not have space for an audience. If you want to come and watch us please check our Events Page
On the first Friday each month, starting on 5th February 2016, we will be hosting Twang! at Seven Miles Out. Everybody is welcome to come along and join in the singing and strumming.
When playing at other venues we will either play just for the fun of it or if we are offered a fee we will donate it to our nominated charity. We may also have specific events to collect money for charities in which case we will choose a charity which is local to Stockport.
We do not have a children's section, but Stockport Music Service has a BUG group (Beginner Ukulele and Guitars) aimed specifically at young players.